He is the Healer and Restorer and Redeemer and Lover of our souls. 

I praise my spouse day and night, always and forever!!! 

Thank you, and God bless you and your ministry always. 

RESTORED in Colorado

God Moved So Quickly

There aren't words enough to praise God for who He is and what He alone can do! He is the God of the impossible! His love for us is deeper and wider and higher than we could ever imagine. He loves blessing us and asks so little in return. Obedience with faith and repentance bring healing. 

This is my second marriage. I had been married once before (when I was not a believer) and left that marriage in hatred and anger. This time was completely different, because of God's grace! 

When my spouse was gone, the Lord continually encouraged me and showed me through Scriptures and through others that our marriage would be restored. He reminded me that it would be He who would soften my spouse's heart as I sought and obeyed. 

I found out about this ministry when I was at church talking to a divorced woman; she gave me your pamphlet and shared her situation with me. I came home, immediately researched your website, and ordered the materials the very next day. I ordered the first resource packet and right away I read the book on restoring your marriage, which is excellent. 

Although the Lord had impressed upon me that our marriage would be restored, my spouse had filed for divorce, so I ordered the rest of your books as well. I responded without a lawyer, and — praise the Lord! It was your book that the Lord used to convict me of all my sins. I already had a close walk with the Lord, but I needed to put God first in all things. God spoke daily to my heart and gave me the strength and faith to obey. I have watched a miracle unfold, and I give my GOD all the glory! 

My neighbors, who were missionaries for 20 years, have a restored marriage after the wife read your woman’s book in just one day! 

I have already shared your website with at least ten women and want to tell the world about it! I am recommending your resources to friends in both difficult and good marriages — I think every man should do the Wise Man no matter the state of their marriage! I am buying a copy for our son and daughter-in-law, as well as for our daughter who is falling in love. I wish every man and woman could have your workbooks before they get married! 

restoring families by... 

I didn't speak with my spouse for several weeks and then one day I finally got a call. Then only three months later, my spouse asked me to reconcile our marriage. I prayed it would happen, but didn't realize it would be so soon! Now I am home and we have a beautiful 3-month-old son. We have so many blessings in our life it brings tears to my eyes when I think of them. I am blessed and will forever be humbled by my Lord's power. 

RESTORED in Nevada 

Through the hard work and determination of Erin, this experience has truly changed my life!! It has restored and changed my marriage into what God intended for us to have, not another statistic of divorce!!! 

I have only love, and utter gratefulness that this site and fellowship was there for me when there was no other solution to what I believed to be a hopeless situation. I am reminded everyday of the promise He has kept that shows the LOVE my God has for me!!! 

ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST, this means your marriage too!!! God Bless You and Thank You!!!!!

RESTORED in Oklahoma

Divorce Dismissed Day before Hearing—My Marriage is Restored!!

My divorce was to be final; but my spouse had it dismissed ONE day before!!! God works in just the right time, even when I thought it was hopeless and wanted to give up. I kept going back again and again to all of Erin's books, and praying. 

I finally gave up and trusted God to do what I could not do for myself. My spouse moved back home and we are sharing what we have learned with others. I have had the opportunity to start a small group fellowship in my church and have given books to anyone who has shared with me that they too are going through separation or divorce. 

Restored and a Son too!

I have to share my story – it is a perfect miracle from God!! My spouse told me he wanted a divorce; then only one month later, I discovered we were pregnant with our first child! 

I was asked to move out of our home ten days later. I requested prayer for my situation from a fellow Christian in the same situation who told me how to get a copy of Erin's book on marriage restoration. I was so desperate I carried the book everywhere and read it whenever I had a spare moment! The promises God has given us in His Word that I found it that book gave me more comfort than I can explain. 

Is your Marriage in Trouble?
​Seems Hopeless?
​Maybe Ended in Divorce?

There IS Hope At Last!!