SOW RESTORATION REEP an Army of Godly Men who will help each other ​
​obtain victory over this spiritual attack! ​

By sowing paperback books in your library, you are multiplying the possibility of finding and helping men in your area. Consider purchasing and donating a RYM book to your local libraries. 5 Paperbacks for $65 And when you do, let men know there's a RYM book in their library!

CLICK HERE for a poster of strips of MarriageHelpOnline Cards.

Don't have a printer? Google a local printer or business supply store and have them print them for you!

Put the PDF on a thumb drive or send it to their email address as an attachment. Give them a call and begin Sowing Hope today!

RYM Books in Local Libraries

1.Google to search for the libraries around you, give them a call, and ASK them who to speak to about donating a book.

Libraries are usually happy to be given a FREE NEW book donated to their library (since they normally have to purchase them) AND it's so easy because the RYM does have a Library of Congress number.

2. Ask what their POLICY is for donating books. Sometimes there is a minimum of books that must be donated, and sometimes they will ask (and be sure to tell them) regarding the Library of Congress number.

Library of Congress Control Number for RYM is:

RYM Books in Local Libraries

Is your Marriage in Trouble?
​Seems Hopeless?
​Maybe Ended in Divorce?

There IS Hope At Last!!


Is your Marriage RESTORED?



MARRIAGE Testimony

restoring families by... 

3. Once they accept the book, print MarriageHelpOnline Cards, cut them up, and put them IN the books as bookmarks, then when women in marriage crisis are led to search their local libraries for a book to help them, they'll find the with our other resources to help them through their crisis— just as they helped you.

4. If there is a bulletin board, put up a MarriageHelpOnline Poster to advertise there's a new book because everyone knows someone who is in a marriage crisis!

5. Even if a MarriageHelpOnline Cards is not in the book, there are many places in the book where the ministry website address is in there for them to easily find us!