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Is your Marriage in Trouble?
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There IS Hope At Last!!


Restoration in Alabama

About 3 months ago I found out my spouse was cheating on me. I really didn't know what to do and then his friend bought me the How God Will Restore Your Marriage book. I read it and it changed me so much!!!! Then I saw that God had to change the things in me He wanted, before he brought my spouse home.Only one month later, my spouse came to spend the weekend with the kids. At the end of the weekend he could see such a difference and asked to come home!!!Our marriage and our life have been great ever since then! God  hears your prayers and has His perfect timing for everything -- just obey and let God take over!!!


It Happened for a Reason – God had a Plan!!

My spouse had moved out and was living with a co- worker stating “I not happy and feel unwanted in our 20+ years of marriage”! After approximately six weeks of separation and moving toward divorce, I realized that divorce did not have to be the answer. I decided to “fight the good fight.” I was doing it alone with my prayers. A pastor friend across the country referred me to the your website. I immediately ordered the “Restore Your Marriage” book and read it within a couple of days. 

I knew that God would restore our marriage; it was only a matter of  days before I began to see changes in myself and would stop to  think about what I had done to change. I realized it was not me — it was God working in awesome ways! The changes came after I began to realize the things I had done wrong, prayed for God to change me, and prayed for our marriage. I had to turn it all over to God and trust Him completely. 

My spouse couldn’t imagine that the changes were real and that I wasn’t putting on a front. We did not talk much but would occasionally email to discuss the kids. Just as Erin mentioned in her book, I was tested when we talked. I felt this happen on several occasions where something hurtful would be said to see if I would react. I did not react as I would have in the past, which proved that I was a new person. 

It was December 28 when my spouse showed up at the resort where I was. I did not expect it, and my spouse didn’t know until 30 minutes prior to leaving our hometown for the resort that we would be RESTORED! 

All I can say is to be sure to turn it all over to God. I found that so many things happened just as Erin said they would in the RYM book. I followed her advice, read the Scriptures, and prayed, and that is what got me through. It will get you through also. 

“If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” All of this happened for a reason. God had a plan, and now my spouse and I are so much happier. We are living for God, we have a great marriage, and it just gets better every day! Thank you, Erin, for your ministry. It is so awesome how you have helped so many marriages, ours included! God is wonderful, and what a gift He has given you! 

RESTORED in New Mexico  

Restored - To Him Be All the Glory!

After praying and fasting for six years, I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me through the Internet to some ministry that would help me.

The Holy Spirit guided me to Restore Ministries! I couldn't wait to order the 3 recommended books, all the videotapes and join the fellowship! As soon as I received the books, I read and reread them. It has truly been a tremendous blessing in my life, as well as the lives of others! 

After applying the principles in your books as well as the hedge of thorns, within three weeks my spouse came home!! All I can say is, DON'T GIVE UP! I believe that what helped me the most was to be obedient to God's Word in everything. That's what really did it! 

God bless you, Erin! God's blessings to you and your family! 

RESTORED in North Dakota 

Miracle Restoration in Texas!

I discovered your ministry when I was looking for answers, stumbling upon the website. It served to confirm to me what the Holy Spirit was beckoning me to do . . . do not divorce, let go, and believe for your marriage. Your books filled in the blanks! Thank you! 

God changed me before changing my situation. I first learned how to become humble and keep my mouth shut. I learned to lean on the Lord and the Lord only! I also learned about the power of fasting. I instantly began to think about maybe praying again, but would He listen? Then without hesitation, I got down on my knees and rededicated my life to the Lord, asking my spouse to change me. 

As I prayed, I made the decision to stay in our marriage and work it out, but I asked the Lord to please give me "feelings" for my spouse again or else I didn't see how it would work. I also prayed that He would change my spouse and bring my spouse back to the Lord. 

In the following weeks, my hunger for the Lord grew insatiably. I began reading the Bible thoroughly for the first time. I was attending church regularly and tithing as the Bible instructs. In less than a month, my feelings for my spouse had returned and I loved and was "in love" with my spouse! 

It was miraculous since I hadn't felt that way for my spouse since we first dated. I was just waiting and praying for the Lord to do the same to my spouse. A few months later, not only did our marriage take a turn for the worse, but I finally found out that there had been in adultery—going on for a while. I was stunned, shocked, empty, lonely, crushed, and my heart and self-worth were shattered. 

Praise God, while it was excruciatingly painful, I came out refined, pure, and consecrated! The whole storm was over a year and a half. Keep in mind though your test, in actuality, is a lifetime. 

In the beginning, I had Christian counselors advise me to divorce my spouse…can you believe it? Boy, do they need  these books so they can learn that only God is able to restore an impossible situation!! He called something that was dead back to life!! It has been almost two years since my spouse came home permanently. It definitely took at least a full year to heal and overcome the damage done, but it is worth a new marriage in Christ and a broken divorce curse. Neither of us could be happier in our marriage. 

My spouse tells me daily “I loves you and I miss you when I am at work!” I praise God for all that he taught me during my trial and now what seemed a curse was truly a masterpiece of a blessing from the Lord. He makes all things new!! 

RESTORED in Texas  

Impossibly Restored (by God Alone) and More!

After three years of praying and praying with Restore Ministries, my spouse not only came home to our children and me, but received Jesus and was baptized and now is growing by leaps and bounds in Christ!! We are both renewed and restored, thanks to God! 

The Lord had a lot of work to do on me so that I could learn how to love and how to pray for my spouse; I had to get rid of all the hate, resentment and pain, first, as did my spouse. We are both in love with the Lord and with each other now and want to work in a marriage ministry. 

Throughout my trial, the principles from God's Word and your resources taught me perseverance, to never give up, endurance, and to KNOW that the Lord hears our prayers. The resources I would recommend are: Your ministry and The Holy Bible! 

Even when we do not realize it, God has heard our prayers and continues to work on our hearts. He is a faithful God Who keeps His promises to us when we are faithful. He is so worthy of our praise and worship! 

There is no way our marriage could have been restored without God. We had been married 21 year when my spouse left. He was angry, disillusioned, depressed and full of animosity. At the time, he said he was "done," but thankfully, the Lord had other plans.Thank You, Jesus! 

RESTORED in California